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January 27, 2012
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Is this what my life has been all along? Just one bitter memory that has wrapped itself around my mind and squeezed until all logic is left? Thoughts in that I refer to as Memories of Blood, or otherwise known as Hell. Honestly, was this always what awaited me in the end? Yes, I figured as much.


I can't even remember what life was like before you bought me. Before all the love and tender touches that was replaced so easily with hard punches and rough kicks. Now I have nothing to look forward to when the sun begins to set and I return to you once more. Will you pound me into the bed tonight out of lust, not love or will you just lock me outside the palace all night in the cold again? Either way, it leaves me broken.


It's too late for me to turn back; I have nothing left to live for. You were my only one, Scourge. I know that after what I did you could never forgive me. I lost the only thing you ever wanted, an heir to your kingdom. But I can't go back, I can't change what happened. If only I had not had a miscarriage, what might have been our life together? Would you still have loved me? Would you have finally viewed me as a mate and not a slave? Things I will never know, because you already gave up on me.


I've given up as well. I can't live in a world without you by my side, my king. First, my master Shadow died trying to protect me…and now you no longer want me. I've given everything to you and all I ever wanted was your love in return, but you will no longer give that to me. So I will not tell you about this pup which I now carry, but I will instead end both our lives and save you the trouble. I bet you've wished for my death anyway.


However, I dread ending my life and the little one inside me. I might be able to take my own, but what about the other life you helped prove inside me? I guess it's silly really, like you even care about what happens to us now. We mean nothing to you and I begin to wonder if I never did. It won't stop me though; it's already too late for that. My life or my child's is nothing without you...


I feel completely empty as I bring the blade to my wrist, slowly and easily cutting the peach flesh deep. I laugh lightly, thinking how before you might have stopped me. But now...Even if you walked in right now...I doubt it. You never…never will care for me again.


Seemingly I can only remember the good times as my mind weakens further. My body is tired and my mind is slipping. Though, I couldn't stop myself from writing you a small note on the floor in my own blood. Just so you know...

'I still love you, Master.'

And the world goes totally black.




'Godammit, Sonic, please wake up. Please...'

Why is there someone talking to me? They sound so loud and clear, so…familiar.

'Sonikuu... I'm sorry.'

Scourge…? But…

I open my eyes slowly to come face to face with a bleach white wall, oddly like one in a hospital. Wait, hospital? I blink a few times to focus my sight before something... or someone squeezes my hand and I turn my head slowly. A splash of emerald green is what I see from the person with their head down on the side of my bed, their hand in my own.

"Master...?" I choke out, my voice being too dry for my own good.

His head shoots up quickly, artic blue orbs staring at me in surprise. He looks shocked to say the least, and his eyes give out the impression he might have been crying. No, he has been as a single tear streaks down his moist cheeks.

"Oh god, Sonic, I'm... I'm so sorry. I'm so... sorry." His voice is a little forced, like he's not use to saying the words in which he had spoken.

"Why...?" I honestly wonder what makes him even care at all. Why is he here holding my hand and even crying...?

"Because...I still love you too," he keeps eye contact with me and places a free hand on my stomach. My eyes fill with tears and I glance down, suddenly remembering the pup inside that I was carrying.

"And…the baby...?" I ask, swallowing hard, still feeling the cool emerald collar around my neck. Surely they wouldn't have had time to save it, meaning once more I'd lost the king's heir.

"Fine...I found you soon enough to get you to a doctor. They said you and the baby will be fine..." he trailed off, taking a quite breath. Averting his eyes from Sonic he continued, "Uh, I know it might be hard... But will you... Forgive me and please take me back?"

"I was never mad at you, Master…hurt sure, but I love you." I smiled tiredly at him, giving his hand a squeeze. "I always hoped you'd come back to me..."

He smirks slightly as he pulled a small box from his quills and placed a gold ring on my finger.

"I love you too, babe."
Mind's drawing a blank on WOWC-SV and I'm only a few sentences from completing SA!!! :dummy:

So, here you go!! <3

This is sorta a Sonourge angst one-shot...and in case you haven't noticed, Scourge is the king and Sonic's a slave...

Heh, now that I think about it, nearly ALL my stories are dealing with yaoi slavery!!! :rofl:

Anywho, I'll have SA posted in a jiffy as well as the next part of Desert Jewel, so enjoy for now n comment, please!! ^^

And one more thing........I CAN'T BELIEVE I KILLED SHADOW!!!!!!!! D8
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Tsuyoshi-chin Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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You are never going to stop making me cry are you. Man you are such a good writer you should write a book
I would buy a million copies
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well, thanks lol n if I ever start selling anything,  I'll let u know first XD
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Well just about all your stories except for SA are really yaoi slavery. :3
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