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The rest of the day had been uneventful and Sonic was very happy to have it that way. He was very sore for the rest of the day and the next morning hadn't been much better. At least for the pain. Shadow had practically catered to him all day, making sure that he never went without anything he wanted or needed. It had made Sonic feel like he was the king and not Shadow and he vowed to never let the Naga do that to him again.

This morning, however, Sonic had never felt better and he was wrapped comfortingly in Shadow's arms. He stared at his lover and master, smiling as he remembered how physical Shadow had become around him. He loved it. The Naga would kiss him often, ranging from the innocent peck to the full make-out session. The make-out sessions were done in private though. He was broken from his thoughts as his eyes were met with the stare of the other's crimson ones.

"Good morning, master," Sonic said softly, smiling. "Did…Did I wake you?"

Shadow shook his head. "No, Sonic, you didn't wake me. Although I wish you would simply get used to calling me by my name."

"I'm trying, mas-…um, Shadow." Sonic flushed slightly at his slip up.

Shadow chuckled and pressed a kiss to Sonic's forehead. "At least you're trying, my little one."

Sonic grinned and leaned into the gesture, sighing when the other pulled away. He snuggled closer to him, not wanting to get up just yet. Shadow seemed to feel the same, and wrapped his arms around the hedgehog, nuzzling his head. They simply stayed like that, Sonic wrapped in Shadow's arms. They fell back into a light rest before a banging on Shadow's door alerted them that Shadow had to get to his own duties, as Sonic had to get to his.

Shadow sighed. "I suppose you should go tell the cook that we're ready for breakfast."

Sonic nodded. "OK."

Getting up, he stretched his arms and legs, grunting softly as he did so. Blinking his eyes a few more times, he crawled out of the bed, slipping on his shirt and pants before walking over to the grand doors of Shadow's room. He opened them and bowed, shocked when it was Scourge at the door and not Amy. The green Naga slithered right by him, an evil smirk on his face as he entered the room. Sonic shivered, but quickly exited the room. He did NOT like being near him.

His trip to the kitchens was quick, the cook knowing what the slave was there for. She smiled and gave him a morning treat, a fresh, juicy peach, and then shooed him out of the room. Sonic loved getting desserts from the woman and he bit into the sweet fruit, the juices dripping out of the sides of his mouth. By the time he had returned to Shadow's, and his, room, his fingers were covered in the sticky juices of the peach. He frowned at the doors. How was he supposed to get them open when his hands were dirty?

They suddenly opened, Sonic jumping out of the way as Scourge slithered through them, grinning in triumph. The emerald Naga turned back to the room and bowed. "This will please the kingdom, your majesty. I'll have those who are willing line up for your inspection. I shall see you within a few hours. Good day." With that, the green Naga turned away, glancing at Sonic and his grin growing before he went on his way, leaving the hedgehog confused, and rather worried, by his master's doors.

Sonic rushed into the room, only to find a defeated look on his master's face. Slowly, he approached the Naga, standing by the tip of his tail, waiting for the other to say something to him. He started slightly when the end pushed him towards the Naga's lap, Sonic moved without hesitation, managing to climb onto it without touching the other with his dirty fingers.

"Master?" Sonic's voice was quiet and concerned. "What's wrong?"

Shadow sighed and looked up at his slave, smirking when he saw the peach juice lining his lips and the sides of his mouth. He grabbed one of the sticky hands and popped each finger into his mouth, thoroughly cleaning the digits. Once all fingers and palms were finished, Shadow grabbed the other's chin and started to clean up the left over trails of peach juice, loving how the slave's flavor mixed with the peaches. He finished cleaning the other's mouth before he pulled the male to him rather roughly, kissing him.

Sonic almost lost his balance at the movement, but managed to catch himself. It took him a minute to get over his shock in order to kiss back and even then he wasn't sure what to do. The Naga kissed him thoroughly, completely, to the point of where Sonic thought he might faint from the lack of air. He was finally released and left panting. Sonic's hands were clinging to Shadow's shoulders and he was stunned when he was pulled into a fierce hug.

Now he was really worried. "Shadow? What's wrong? Please tell me?"

Shadow sighed, rather dejectedly, and looked into his slaves eyes. "Sonic, I…I'm being forced to take a mate."

Sonic blinked as the phrase sunk in. When it finally hit him, his eyes widened and started to water. "A…a mate?"

Shadow nodded, pressing a soft kiss to Sonic's cheek, holding the boy close. Sonic stared blankly at the wall. A mate. Meaning that he wouldn't be sleeping in his master's bed anymore. Meaning he couldn't be by his master's side as often as he was used to. He was literally going to be separated from his master's side. His fingers tightened at the realization and he buried his face into the Naga's chest, his tears falling freely.

"I'm not getting rid of you," Shadow whispered, fighting back tears of his own. "I swear to you that. You'll always be by my side. I have a way to settle all this, Sonikuu, don't worry. You'll always be mine; you'll always be special to me. I'll never let you go."

"I know," Sonic responded, just as quietly. "I know you won't, but…your mate, she…she'll be in your bed…and I won't…"

"Nonsense," Shadow snorted, pulled Sonic back so he could look him in the eyes. "You'll still be in my bed, by my side. I refuse to let Scourge win this. He wants me to let go of you, but I refuse. I've told you that you are the world to me in that tattoo. And now that you bear my mark, I have strong reason to believe that you are indeed my everything. I know that much. So don't worry. You'll never leave me."

"Never?" Sonic sniffed and looked at his master with the most pleading eyes the Naga had ever seen.

Shadow smiled and stroked the other's cheek before he pressed a gentle kiss to the hedgehog's lips. "Never. I promise."

Sonic's lower lip trembled and he threw his arms around his master, nuzzling the Naga's neck. Shadow smiled, feeling rather relieved now that Sonic hadn't shunned him at the news. He was happy that the hedgehog was willing to stick by his side, no matter who he decided his mate would be. He sighed. He really hoped that he'd be able to go through with this without killing a bitch from the crew that Scourge would be pulling together. He really didn't trust his cousin to pick someone who would truly be beneficial anyways. He wished he could tell Sonic of his plan, but that would have to wait.

Breakfast was eaten in silence, Sonic leaning heavily against the Naga's side, still distressed at the news. Even if his master wasn't going to push him to the side with a new mate, he was still upset. Shadow could sense this and gave his slave whatever touch he needed. He wouldn't be able to touch the boy with his hands once they were in the room. His tail would have to do in comforting the hedgehog. Hopefully it would be enough for the azure.

Hours passed and before he was ready, Sonic was following his master to the room where he would be picking his new mate. Sonic shivered at the thought, keeping his eyes glued to the floor. He waited at the door with his master, waiting for the Naga to go in. When the other didn't move, Sonic raised his sad eyes up to look at his master. Shadow was staring down at him, smiling gently. He picked the hedgehog up and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before pulling him into a hug.

"No matter whom I pick today, Sonic," Shadow whispered, not caring at who saw them, "you will always be in my heart."

Sonic nodded and nuzzled his master's skin, his arms wrapped tightly around the Naga's shoulders. "I…I know, master."

Shadow sighed. "Ready?"

Sonic shook his head. "No, but…I'll go on any way."

The Naga smiled. "That's my little one." He pressed a kiss to Sonic's temple before setting the boy on his feet. Sonic held onto his hand for a moment before he let go, taking in a deep breath. This was it. He grinned towards his master, nodding that he was as ready as he would ever be.

Sonic kept his eyes on the floor as he entered the room, not ready to see the candidates just yet. Shadow sat down on his pillow, softly telling Sonic to sit on a pillow next to his own. The hedgehog did so and finally raised his eyes, but just barely. He let out a soft breath when he realized that Scourge would be only showing his master one at a time. He shifted slightly on his pillow, making himself more comfortable before the showing began.

Shadow was soon bored out of his mind and it lasted for several hours. All the women Scourge was showing him were self-centered, they hated slaves, and were only concerned about his wealth. There was the occasional woman that wasn't that way, but they all looked like they didn't want to be there and Shadow could tell that there was another male in their lives. He wouldn't do that to one of his subjects. Time passed and Sonic looked like he was about to fall asleep. He smirked. At least there was one good thing in this room.

Scourge was enjoying and hating this meeting at the same time. Shadow refused every woman he was placing in front of him. The king was going to have to accept one of them sooner or later. But later came sooner than he thought.

Scourge waited for the next female to come, but to his surprise no one ever came. He raised a brow nd poked his head back out into the corridor to make sure that no one was missed.

''Was that the last of them, Scourge?" Shadow askes, raising a brow and hoping to the gods of Chaos that he was correct.

''Apparently, my lord,'' Scourge murmured.

Thank you!!

''Then I shall take my leave,'' he sighed as he stood, Sonic following suit.

Scourge frowned. "But, his majesty still hasn't decided on a mate yet."

"Actually, Scourge, I have chosen," Shadow said matter-of-factly, "and Sonic is that choice.''

''WHAT!?" Both Scourge and Sonic said in shock, much to Shadow's amusement.

''But...but, your majesty, he's a slave!!" Scourge protested before adding, ''The law states that a king's mate must be of Naganian blood!!"

''You put your own words in place of what has been written in stone and passed through my family line for generations, cousin," Shadow sneered before adding, ''the law states, and I quote, that 'a Naga king may chose whomever he deems worthy to be both his mate and the mother of his offspring,' unquote. It is not mentioned anywhere in the Naganian lawbook where its is mandatory for the king's mate to be og Naga blood. It simply says that it's 'whomever the king deems worthy', and I have chosen Sonic as a worthy mate for myself.''

Sonic's blank mind had yet to reboot and comprehend what was actually going on here.

''But your majesty,'' Scourge argued, trying to keep his temper, ''your so-called mate is male. How could you possibly expect to receive an heir from him!? Do you wish to throw away your entire lineage for a simple slave!?"

''I have taken that matter into account,'' Shadow corrected yet again. ''Sonic may be male, but he is indeed capable of bearing offspring.''

''And how might that be?" Scourge asked, raising a brow and crossing his arms.

''Sonic is a hermaphrodite, a male capaple of bearing offspring and therefore providing me with a suitable heir.''


''Oh?" Shadow asked, raising a brow of his own and keeping his voice calm and his face expressionless although inside he wanted to rip Scourge to shreds for blatantly insulting his mate, ''Surely you have not forgotten that your own mother was male, have you? If he were still alive, he would probably be highly disappointed in you right now...''

Scourge's face was red with fury and embarassment at having his own heritage used against him.

''Proof!!" he shouted, ''I demand proof!!"

''And what good will proof do when I have already told you myself? I am a man of my word, Scourge, and take great offense at being called a liar,'' the king said, narrowing his eyes at the emerald male.

Scourge swallowed nervously and calmed a bit when he saw that the king was not at all pleased with him and was slowly losing his patience.

''I merely wish to confirm it so that it can go down in records, my king, and so that others will not question your choice of...mate,'' he quickly said.

''Very well,'' the large ebony male agreed, ''Retrieve a doctor and meet us in the medical wing. We shall be along shortly.''

''As you wish,'' the emerald male said reluctantly before bowing and exiting the room to find both the nearest doctor and the nearest lawbook.

''You can speak now, little one,'' he chuckled to the still shocked male that sat beside him once the doors had closed.

''Do...'' Sonic asked hesitantly as he tried to find his voice, ''Do you really mean that?"

''Every last word of it, my love,'' Shadow answered proudly, taking Sonic's hand and kissing it gently which caused the younger male to blush.

''But the question that still remains is will you accept?" he then asked.

Sonic blinked in confusion, not quite understanding.

''Will you accept being my mate, Sonikuu?" Shadow asked, looking the slave in the eyes and resting his other hand atop the small peach one that he held.

Sonic's eyes widened slightly and he blushed even more, his throat suddenly dry. It took him a moment, but he'd managed to say it:


Shadow smiled and then leaned towards him. He placed a kiss to Sonic's forehead, smiling lovingly as he did so. The slave blushed but smiled nonetheless. He then followed the king back to where he had been before, listening to what instructions Shadow gave him, nodding when he was asked a question. He couldn't believe his luck. He hadn't expected to actually be chosen, him of all people, but here he was, being told what to do in front of the doctor and Scourge.

The doctor was soon there, having the hedgehog sit in a basin of water so that he could change into his merhog form and Sonic was a beet red as he set about doing a full examination. He shivered when the doctor inserted a finger into the slit just below his hidden member, the action more arousing then he was used to. He waited patiently as he was continuously probed, twisting when the doctor hit something inside, forcing himself not to gasp and moan as he continued. It was embarrassing as it was. He was glad when the doctor was finally done.

"Your majesty, as strange as it is," the doctor stated, "he can indeed bear young and from what I can tell, he has carried before. Don't ask me how I know. It's complicated. And it just so happens that he'll be hitting his season tonight. He'll be in heat and it'll hit him hard. Very hard. He's going to need a lot of relief."

''That will not be a problem for long,'' Shadow smirked, causing Sonic to create a new shade of red from how bad he was blushing. Scourge simply looked disgusted.

''You and the guards are dismissed until further notice, Scourge,'' Shadow ordered, ''Now if you'll excuse me, I have some doctor's orders to listen to."

Scourge's frown grew but he made no argument, especially since he found out for himself that all Shadow had said pertaining to the lawbook was true. His eyes drifted to Sonic before he left the room, with the doctor and guards eventually following him. Once they were alone, Sonic wasn't sure what he was going to do.

He only had a few minutes to dry off and regain his legs before Shadow made his way over to him, slipping an arm around his waist once he'd stood. His blushed furiously, looking down at the arm before raising his eyes to his soon to be mate and spouse. Shadow smiled and leaned forward, pushing his nose between Sonic's neck and shoulder, grinning against the cobalt and peach fur.

"Shall we return to our room?" he whispered, lowering his eye lids. Gently pulling the other, he guided the young male down the hallways towards the room and bed he was oh, so familiar with. There was a definite connection between him and the merhog and he was definitely looking forward for what was going to happen in the next stage of their lives together. If it had anything to do with him taking the boy till he could no longer walk straight, then he would soon be a very happy and very pleasant king from here on out.

Buhbye writer's block and HELLO LEMON!!!! :dummy:

MnN Chapter 11: [link] Please post any comments for Chapter 11 here.
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