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June 26, 2012
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Mobians of every kind filed the moss filled hall. Wet stones made walking a bit of a chore to the nobles in highly decorated clothing. Hiding in the shadows within the back of the hall stood a dark figure with cold blue eyes. A few loud bangs resonated through the hall getting the attention of everyone attending. A mobian mongoose dressed in formal tunic and leggings with boots stood behind a podium eyeing the crowd. With a grunt he cleared his throat and gently grazing the whip at his side.

"Thank you for coming my colleagues. I hope my merchandise catch your eyes." A sharp whistle rang through the hall with low voices from outside. Mobians dressed in rags lined up behind the mongoose, all of them reflecting death in their eyes. One after another the future slaves were brought forward, their description and health given. It was usual business, a noble would stop come forward and inspect the hollow shell in rags. Then decide who, or rather what, they want.

"Next I have is a recently caught blue hedgehog. He is in excellent shape for hard labor and is very quick. This specimen..."

"Stop! I want to see it up close." The shadowed figure stepped into the light revealing a green hedgehog dressed in a black tunic and red vest, black leggings with red, gold trimmed boots. A flowing cape with gold shoulder plates adorned him. He stood tall and filled with pride, but blue eyes showed something else. Everyone in the room froze at his presence, and those who stood in his path parted as he walked by. All bowed briefly and seem to breathe the words 'Your Majesty'. The green hedgehog calmly walked up to the display area where the few remaining slaves waited and scanned the blue captive. He roughly grasped the hedgehog's jaw showing white teeth with a few sharp canines. Emerald eyes burned holes into the others blue, wild freedom still present in the deep green.

"Hmm. I will buy this one." he released the blue hedgehog and offered a leather purse singing the sweet tune of gold.

"Of course King Scourge, but I must warn you. He has yet to be broken. It almost attacked its last master."

"We'll see about that," Scourge smirked, pulling roughly at the blue slave's collar once the slaver's attached the leash. He yelped with surprise and fell to the ground.

"Get up!" one of the slavers shouted, kicking the blue male in the ribs. Sonic let out a scream of pain. A deep purple bruise was already starting to form as the slave weakly stood and unwillingly followed his new 'master'.

Only time would tell what fate had in store for him.

The carriage ride back to the castle was uneventful with a few escorts shoving peasants out of the path. The castle stood on top of a hill overlooking the valley that was the center of Scourge's kingdom. The carriage stopped in the castle's courtyard with a number of finely dressed servants order slaves in rags away from sight. Scourge stepped out getting a few scrolls about information from the other kingdoms, but he ignored them and walked to his study. All around the servants stopped and bowed to their King and asked if he needed anything. Once he reached the study he ordered that the blue slave be brought in front of him. Not a minute later the hedgehog was thrown on his knees just below Scourge's feet. The king looked at his recent purchase, ideas of how to break 'it' were brewing in his mind. The blue hedgehog stared in malice at his 'master', not liking the look the king was giving him. Scourge sent away the servants that brought the slave in and the two continued to stare at the other. Scourge made the first move by stepping forward and leaning down to eye level with the blue one.

"Let's get this straight, slave. Behave yourself and your punishment will be less severe." The blue one just silently glared back, emerald eyes burning with rebellion.

"I'd hate to have the money I spent on you lost in vain." Scourge roughly grasped the blue's jaw forcing his gaze into the king's icy blue eyes. The hedgehog growled and spit into Scourge's eyes.

"My name is Sonic, not 'it'!" The king reeled back wiping the spit from his face. He glared at the slave, picking one of his favorite forms of torture to use on it. With a quick click he unhooked the slave and dragged him to the lower parts of the castle.

"That was a big mistake!" he yanked hard on the rope that was tied to the hedgehog's collar in fury.

Sonic let out a strangled choke as Scourge pulled him to his feet by the collar and threw him inside, making the blue male land on the cold stone floor of the dungeon. Sonic was about to get up, but Scourge pressed a boot down on his head, pinning the male to the floor. The scarred king then knelt down on one knee, which only added pressure to the squirming slave's head, and whispered in his ear, saying:

"I'm pretty sure you know what happens to slaves that disobey, right?" he smirked evilly.

"They get punished!!" he laughed cruelly as he immediately removed his foot off the male, only to yank him up hard by his head quills. Sonic screamed in pain, tears threatening to fall from his eyes, as Scourge grabbed him by the neck and shoved him so hard against the stone wall that it nearly knocked the breath out of him. Before the blue male knew it, he was chained to the wall; iron cuffs clamped down tightly on his arms. He tried his best to get free, but it was no use.

Scourge just stood back and smiled, crossing his arms with an iron branding rod in one hand. Sonic let out a low growl at his 'master' and with Scourge, that was the last straw. In one quick swing, the rod made contact with Sonic's face, brutally knocking the male's head to the side. Sonic's head hung low as Scourge could easily see the blood drip. The cobalt hedgehog weakly lifted his head and death-glared at Scourge, now with a bloodied nose and a busted lip. And he was sure his jaw may be broken or at least fractured. The king gave off his sharp-toothed smile as he walked over to the forge, where red-orange hot coals blazed in the fire, and placed the iron rod inside.

Sonic's eyes grew wide with fear and his ears pinned to his skull. In no time at all, the rod was as red as the coals and Scourge lifted the device from the sweltering heat. The blue male whimpered as he tried to back away from the slowly approaching king.

"Is that a whimper that I hear?" Scourge sneered as he stood in front of his new pet, holding the branding rod dangerously close to the male's body. "Do you wish to beg for mercy?"

"P-please, master," Sonic finally spoke, his voice barely a whisper. "I'll be good…please, I-I'm sorry."

"It's a little too late to apologize!!!" the king cackled as he pulled up one of Sonic's legs and jabbed the red-hot iron into his flesh.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sonic screamed at the top of his lungs as the brand burn through his fur and flesh. Scourge abruptly pulled away and the blue male slumped over in his chains; his body trembled as he sobbed helplessly. Scourge undid the chains and Sonic dropped to the cold ground like a dead weight, yelping in immense pain when he landed on his rear. He looked up helplessly at his master with large, hurt emerald eyes, his tears mixing with the blood of his wounds.

Scourge knelt down beside him and Sonic flinched under his touch when his hand grazed over the new branded area. A large "S" with a crown behind it could easily be seen on Sonic's right cheek. Sonic whimpered and his ears lowered in submission to the superior male, lowering himself closer to the ground and away from his master. Scourge smiled with satisfaction; that's the reaction the he was looking for.

"Will you submit to your master from now on?" he asked in a low, cold tone of voice.

Sonic sniffled and immediately nodded, managing to say, "I'll obey you from now on, Master."

"That's a good pet," he chuckled, petting the top of Sonic's head. Then, to Sonic's surprise, Scourge gently picked him up off the floor and held him bridal style, being careful of his new mark. The blue male blushed as Scourge held him close and carefully carried him out of the dungeon to make sure his new slave got the medical attention he needed.
This was a rp that me n my good friend :iconskyeware: did a little while back.

And lemme tell ya: THIS WAS. FRIGGIN. AMAZING.

Enjoy n give her as much credit n comments to her as you would me!!! ^^

Enjoy, bud!! :hug:

*Warning*:This fic will concern your favorite hero (aka Sonic) being physically and psychologically tortured. Enjoy~! :D)
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for some resone the torture of sonic amuses me i think i broke my brain or im just insaner than i thought i was at first eha who cares just let the torture continue
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most of the sonadow stories and comics have sonic being tortured. i am used to it, yet it never ceases to amuse me. I think the is something wrong with my brain. lol
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