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July 11, 2012
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Scourge waited outside the infirmary for the news of his slave's check-up. He had yet to tell him how he ended up with that bruise and a split lip. It didn't matter now as the cobalt hedgehog was sent out of the infirmary.

"You okay?" Sonic nodded.

"Yes Master. The nice nurse said that I will be fine by the end of the week."

"Come on," Scourge said as he wrapped an arm around Sonic's waist, making the slave blush, "You should get some rest. It's getting late..."

And with that, the king escorted his slave back to their quarters. Sonic's blush slowly grew as the King's relentless hold on his hip. The bedroom soon entered both of the males' vision, Sonic made an attempt to go to his little corner like the good slave he is, but it was an attempt. Scourge wrapped his arms around the cobalts abdomen and lifted the squealing slave into his bed.

"M-Master what are you doing!?" Sonic near screamed as Scourge rested his arms on either side of his head, effectively trapping the blue slave beneath him. His face was as red as a friggin' tomato!!!

"Wanting you to finally understand how important you are to me," said the king, looking him directly in the eyes. "Wanting you to understand that you no longer have to hide anything from me, Sonikuu..."

The poor blue slave nearly died of happiness (or was it shock?) at that last word.Then what happened next made die inside with euphoria. His master and king brought his face closer to his, and captured the slave's quivering lips in a deep, searing kiss. Sonic's heart leapt with joy, his eyes closed and pushed to deepen the kiss.Once the shock had finally subsided, Sonic's eyes closed and he kissed back, his arms snaking around to rest around his king's neck. He moaned as Scourge dipped his tongue inside his mouth and explored his delicious blue slave.

Sonic moaned softly and Scoure could feel the other's member rub against his thigh. Their arms wrapped around one another as their lips and tongues battled in a frenzy of passion. Sonic found that he was free of any clothing in moments and as he watched Scourge quickly undress, he could tell his master has been wanting him for quite some time now. Their lovemaking making was brief but very pleasurable.

The two enjoyed their after glow, Sonic snuggling into his master's chest, enjoying the spicy scent of his lover. He was no longer a slave, he was a person again, and with something more precious than the freedom of the wind. Scourge smiled down at his beautiful uke, the boy to adorable and innocent for his own good. He gently combed his short claws through cobalt quills and lovingly scratched behind a twitching ear, making his treasure purr with content. And with a kiss to the forehead, he wrapped his arms around his lover, allowing sleep to take hold of them both. Both let sleep take over them, but both failed to notice a pair of glowing eyes just in the corner of the window. Silent shadows went unnoticed in the regal halls, blades slowly unsheathed.After a few moment's rest, Sonic just couldn't seem to go to sleep, despite how comfortable, content, and happy he was. His master-- or should I say--his mate, was fast asleep, dead to the world and everything around him. Sonic turned and smiled at the slumbering male's regal face. He couldn't blame Scourge for being out cold, since he was the one that did most of the work. Sonic leaned over and kissed the soft lips of his king as a thanks and a way to express how much he loved him. His ear twitched to the slight opening of large mahogany doors, just enough to see into the room. His muscles tensed as a blackened figures walked in the room. Blades glittering in the moonlight, and inching closer to his mate. Sonic calmed his breath, and lunged at the threat.

Scourge awoke with a start as soon as he felt Sonic jump up from bed, his sleepy mind trying its best to keep up with his body. He whipped his head around just in time to see a dark figure raise a dagger at him. With lightning quick movements, Scourge had grabbed the assassin by the wrist that held the dagger and twisted it, snapping the arm. The person screamed out in agony, letting the blade drop. Scourge turned to see his mate struggling with yet another masked figure. With an uppercut to the face and a round house kick, one of the assassin's was knocked unconscious. The other assassin's , who'd been keeping the blue male occupied, eyes widened slightly when he saw the his partner go down, and out of desperation to flee from the approaching king, grabbed Sonic by the forearm, pulling him close, and drove a dagger into the male's stomach, not once but twice. Sonic screamed out at the top of his lungs.

"NO!!" Scourge yelled as he ran over as his mate dropped like lead to the floor and the cloaked figure escaped.With a blind rage he charged the assassin, in his grip was the same dagger covered in Sonic's blood. In mere seconds he caught up with the disguised killer. A roar of pure fury and the killer had his own blade severing his head from his shoulders.Scourge panted heavily as he came down from his rage-filled high, only for reality to finally set it.

"Oh, god," he whispered as he dropped the blade and ran back to the room where he'd left his wounded mate. Guards and servants alike all crowded around the bedroom door, having heard all the commotion and came to investigate. The guards had already came in and removed the other assassin, having placed him in the dungeon. Scourge pushed past everyone and his heart dropped. Doctors knelt down beside Sonic, tending to the now pale and heavily bleeding slave that was now the king's mate. His breathing was short and shallow, obviously it even hurt for the azure to breathe. His eyes were clenched closed in pain and he trembled slightly as tears fell from his eyes and he coughed up bits of blood.

"Sonikku, please hold on." The three royal physicians worked fast, putting pressure on the wounds, another sewing the gash together. They moved a bit, making room for the king to hold his mate's head

"I'm sorry. *cough* I wasn't fast enough." His body shivered even in the warmth of his mate.

"Sorry your Highness, but we need you to back off." Scourge's heart wailed to stay by Sonic's side, but he knew if he didn't the doctors would not be able to save him. He slowly stood up, took a couple steps back, and watched as Sonic was put on a stretcher and hurried out of the room.Servants went to clean up the blood stained room and Scourge instantly followed after the doctors. He knew that he couldn't get too close, but he just had to be there to know he'll be alright.The whole time he never lose sight of the cobalt fur till the doctor asked him to wait outside. He paced back and forth in front of the infirmary, pacing till the sun was well above the horizon. Hours and hours, and the only thought was of his hurt mate and his blood on his chest. The early morning sun found the young king slumped on the floor in front of the infirmary, his knees pulled to his chest and arms wrapped around them as his fingers tapped impatiently on his shoulder. His eyes were bloodshot red from little sleep. But he wouldn't dare. He wouldn't dare fall asleep and take the chance of having his mate die on him while he slept the day away!! Tears threatened to cloud his vision and he wiped them away before they fell. Anger and rage boiled in his blood. Whoever was behind all this was going to pay. They were going to pay with their very life, he would see to it himself!!!And he was about to get his answer, his Captain of the Guard came up to him. Keeping his distance for the lime green king looked about ready to rip off a few heads.

"M'Lord." Scourge looked up. "We've discovered who the assassins were working for." Scourge was on his feet in seconds, making the captain jump a bit.


"He said that he was hired by Princess Sally and Lord Max from Acorn, Sir." Scourge stood quiet for a minute, and the captain took the chance and ran for it. What came next made every person, servant, slave, and guard jump back a few feet.


"My lord, what's the matter?!" the doctor exclaimed as he quickly exited the infirmary. "Please try to keep your voice down, sire, the slave is sleeping..."

Then, something the king had said registered in his mind.

"My king, who are you talking about when you said your mate?"

"That very slave that you're attending to is my mate, Doctor," Scourge said once he managed to get his composure in check. "And if anything happens to him, then this kingdom had better get ready for war."

"Y-yes Sir." and the doctor hurried back into the room. Scourge's back hit the wall, and slowly slid down till her was back hugging his knees. More time went bye, but it all didn't matter to him. He only realized it was noon when two robed figures brought him a steaming bowe of soup. He looked up to find the music nymphs, the fennec was garbed in an olive green robe. The hedgehog was garbed in bright blue.

"We heard what happened." said the fennec. Scourge's ears pinned to his skull in regret and he buried his face in his arms, almost acting like a child again, saying, "I'm not hungry."The hedgehog gave an annoyed sigh while the fennec sat down beside the depressed king.

"Me and I'shad didn't spend two hours for you to turn your nose up at it." I'shad sat on the other side of the king.

"Plus, Skye and I put special herbs in it to keep your energy up."

"Don't you think that Sonikuu would need this more than I would?" came the mumbled response from within the king's arms.The nymphs looked at each other, silently Turing to come up with a plan. Then it was Sky who broke the silence.

"When we first came here, we gladly shared what we know of herbs found around here. The only thing that anyone can do now are the doctors, and patience." She held the bowel in front of the king again.Scourge sighed heavily before taking the bowl from the nymph and eating a few spoonfuls of the delicious broth.Both nymphs gave comforting smiles, and sat with their king for the next few hours. The day was slowly receding when a doctor, clothes with slight blood splatters on them, came out with a relieved look on his face.Scourge was up to his feet within seconds, thankful that the nymphs had practically forced him to eat the rest of the soup so that the herbs could give him the needed strength.

"How is he? Is he alright?" the king asked impatiently.

"He's okay. We had almost lot him for a second, but he's a lot tougher than he appears." Scourge felt all the tension release form his body in one quick motion.

"Thank god." and he was in the infirmary in a flash.The nymphs followed Scourge inside, peeking from behind him at the resting hedgehog in the bed. Both of them left the two their privacy and waited outside.Sonic looked peaceful as he rested, his breathing still a little wheezed, though. Heavy bandages wrapped around his midsection and there would be the occasional scrunch of pain evident on his or a whimper of discomfort as he slept.Then his eyes cracked open pained and tired emerald eyes. He smiled as he laid eyes on his mate. A pained groan came as he tried to sit up.

"Take it easy, love."

"Are you alright?" Sonic managed to ask, for it even hurt to speak. He was more concerned about his master than anything else right now.

"I'm fine, but right now you're more important." He sat the edge of the bed, wrapping one arm to pull the cobalt male in his embrace.Sonic smiled tiredly and fell back asleep in his mate's arms.And there they stayed there for the rest of the evening. The nymphs I'shad and Sky kept curious lords and demanding servants from disturbing the couple.Sonic was truly grateful for his master and hoped that he would still keep him, even though he's now wounded and can't do very much. But, what he didn't know was that Scourge had already claimed him as his mate. Now, all the king needed to do was tell him.

"Sonikku?" The cobalt make looked up into the sky blue eyes of his lover. With a deep kiss, the king gathered all of his courage.

"I love you. My dear mate."Sonic's eyes grew wide and he gasped, despite the pain.

"I'm your...your mate?"

"Of course. You have taken my heart and filled it with something I thought that I would never find."Sonic's eyes were starting to tear up. He couldn't believe what he was hearing!!

"A-and what might that be?" he hesitantly asked.

"More love than my own mother gave to me. A great gift in which I could share with you."

" me?" Sonic asked with a shocked smile as happy tears fell.

"Of course! My sweet, beautiful mate." Scourge brought Sonic in closer, and intending not to let him go. Sonic sniffed and lovingly held onto his...his mate.

"I love you too..."
My mind's going blank on good lemons at the moment ^^;

Enjoy, though!! :dummy:
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