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December 3, 2012
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Sonic felt miserable. He could hardly move, his back was killing him, and the pups just wouldn't give his bladder a break. Plus, whenever he moved (which was only a short distance) he would be out of breath. He'd be glad when his pups were born because they were making carrying them rather tiresome and painful.

Shadow tried to be affectionate towards his mate as well as understanding. But his mood swings were out of control.

And one of those mood swings was happening right now.

Sonic snarled harshly when Shadow started nuzzling him, his fur standing on end as he growled, ''Get away from me, Shadow. Now!!''

Shadow's ears flattened against his head; "Sorry..." he mumbled backing away from his hormonal mate.

Sonic sighed heavily, trying to relax, only to near yelp in pain when one of the pups kicked him harshly. His ears pinned to his skull and he started to whimper as his eyes watered, yet another mood swing.

Shadow was quick to return to his mate's side and comfort him.

"I...I'm sorry, Shadow,'' he choked out as he cried, feeling like he was the worse mate ever.

"Oh, its fine, love." Shadow murmured, licking Sonic and nuzzling him in a comforting manner.

''Y-you're only trying to help and I'm yelling at you,'' he cried, ''you probably hate me...''

"Oh, no I love you with all my heart--I could never hate you! Its fine." Shadow comforted Sonic.

Sonic choked up and clenched his eyes shut, simply burying his face in his paws and crying quietly. Darn hormones.

" please don't cry..." Shadow murmured softly, it paining his heart to see his mate cry.

After a few more moments, a few nuzzles from Shadow, and plenty of deep breaths Sonic had managed to calm down a bit.

Shadow's ears perked when someone called out to him that one of Mephiles' pups was gone. He looked horrified as he jumped up--putting the young male in charge of Sonic--before running off to help search with everyone else.

Sonic, since he couldn't help search, eventually decided that a nap was in order, so he closed his eyes to rest. Little did he know was that a certain emerald green wolf was stealthily approaching, drawing closer and closer to the Alpha's den while everyone was distracted.

Even the young male put in charge of Sonic was soon called to help search.

Sonic was sleeping soundly when he felt someone stand directly over him-- nuzzling the back on his neck affectionately and purring softly. He stirred with a tired groan, opening his eyes and expecting to see Shadow..... only to meet the ice blue eyes of his brother. And before the scream could even leave the other's throat, Scourge clamped down on his neck with his powerful jaws--which earned him a pained whine from the smaller male--applying just enough pressure to render the heavily pregnant male unconscious.

Scourge smirked as he gently lifted his precious cargo onto his back, making a quick and silent retreat. This was just too easy.

In wasn't long after they found the pup--dead. Someone had killed it. That's when Shadow realized something horrid, he ran as fast as he could home. Of course, he ended up too late by a long shot. He lifted his head and howled in pain and anger.


Sonic awoke sometime later with a pained groan, his neck was killing him and his pups were kicking and moving around like mad. Once he sleep-filled mind caught up with the rest of him he looked around the cave, frowning slightly with confusion. It was then that he noticed that he wasn't back home with Shadow, this wasn't even their cave. And much to his horror, he finally noticed that someone was lying very close to him. He hesitantly turned and his eyes widened in uncontrollable fear as Scourge lay comfortably beside him, smirking down at the smaller male.

"Hello Sonic. It's been quite a long time, hasn't it?" Scourge almost purred, his voice almost always sounding lustful to Sonic. Although, Scourge hated the pups Sonic carried, he could use them against both Sonic and Shadow.

Sonic's breath hitched in the back of his throat as he quickly stood, trying his best to back away from him and get as much distance as possible between him and his pups.

''W-what do you want, Scourge?" Sonic asked as his voice quaked with fear, ''Why have you brought me here? I...I want to go home.''

"Well, Sonic, my mate Fiona's died in a blizzard over the winter time. I need a new mate to carry my heir...and since you've carried my pups before I know you can do it again." Scourge murmured softly, stalking closer to the defenseless uke.

Sonic's eyes widened even more, his ears pinning to his head as Scourge slowly approached. He backed away with each step his brother made, only to be trapped in a corner. His breathing became heavy and his heart pounded in his chest as he quickly panicked.

''Please...'' he begged as his eyes welled up with tears, "I...I'm already carrying, Scourge. I can't be mated with right now, so I'm begging you please don't hurt me...don't take my pups away from me again.''

"Oh, poor little Sonic. You think I'll kill those disgusting pups inside you? No. I won't. Not yet. You see, I can use them to get you to do what I want. And I can use them to keep your pesky mate- - I mean ex-mate away. You'll be all mine," Scourge purred, trapping Sonic in the corner as he licked his face and nuzzled him.

Sonic quickly shut his eyes and turned away as Scourge 'kissed' him, only making more tears fall.

"Oh don't be sad my love~ There's nothing sad about this. We'll be together forever." Scourge murmured with a cruel smirk.

''I don't belong here, Scourge,'' Sonic said quietly, looking his brother in the eyes, ''I'll never be your mate as I've told you countless times before. I belong with Shadow.''

Scourge growled, "You WILL be my mate!! If you refuse I'll make sure to kill every single one of your pups!!" Scourge growled lowly.

''You're supposed to be my brother, nothing else!!" Sonic shouted back with a growl. ''Mom and Dad would hate to see what you've become!! If you truly loved me then you would let me go!!"

"MOM AND DAD AREN'T HERE!! THEY'RE DEAD!! D-E-A-D. DEAD!! Don't speak of them ever again, do you understand?! I'LL KILL THOSE PUPS IF YOU DO; I'LL KILL THEM ALL!!" Scourge snarled.
Sonic flinched at that and quickly grew quite though he continued to glare cold-blooded hatred with tear-filled eyes at the only family member he had left.

Scourge managed to calm down fairly quickly before nuzzling Sonic sweetly.

Sonic's frown deepened and he turned away in disgust when Scourge began nuzzling him.

''Don't touch me,'' he growled quietly, his voice giving away his defeat.

"I'll touch you whenever I please, slut." Scourge growled.

Sonic's ears pinned to his skull at the hurtful words, making his heart drop. With only his pups' welfare in mind, he walked away from Scourge, curling up in the farthest corner away from the monster that was once his brother.

Scourge sighed, at first Sonic might be difficult about it. But Scourge planned on making the male his. He had all rights to the uke. He managed to lay beside Sonic again, giving him an affectionate nuzzle before he closed his eyes.

Sonic's heart clenched tightly in his chest as he cried his heart out. He wanted to go home. He wanted this to all be a bad dream. He wanted Shadow.

'Shadow...please forgive me,' he silently wept as he cried himself to sleep.
And now the drama begins.....

What More Could He Ask For Rp/ Story (c) DramaQueen77 and ieshad
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Damn You Scourge!!!
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Gee, almost all of these comments are talking about killing Scourge and almost known are about the poor dead pup.XD Give the poor pup some love people!
Although, Shadow better save Sonic soon...:(
BlackRye Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
O_o NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs her lucky knife and jumps on Scourge and begins gutting and skinning him alive* YOU ROTTEN PRICK FROM HELL!!!!
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Shadow better find him. And Scourge if you lay one paw on that mother you're in BIG trouble.
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shadow how dare u leave him even if one of meph's pup is lost
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i'm really pissed off at scrouge first he attacks sonic and now kidnaps him :angered: the only good thing i could say about this is that i probaly will look good in a green fur coat
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